One SL connection issues

  • 9 November 2022
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I’ve just purchased an Arc and 2 One SLs to connect to my new Sony Bravia XR55A90J TV. 
When using the tv as the source, I only get sound from the Arc.  I can’t discern any sound from the Ones. 
When I play music via Airplay from my iPhone though, the One SLs play too and I get great surround sound.

The Arc is connected to the tv via the HDMI eARC port and via Ethernet to Wi-Fi. The Ones show as connected in the Sonos app.

I’ve used Trueplay a number of times and have disconnected and reconnected the Ones but nothing changes. 


Best answer by John B 9 November 2022, 17:46

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6 replies

What source are you playing? Most TV programmes don’t broadcast anything to play in the surround speakers.  What happens when you play a 5:1 surround source?

You aren’t getting surround sound when you play music sources. you are getting dual stereo.






Maybe try the ‘6 Underground’ movie from Netflix, the first 10 minutes, or so, that’s a good example to try.


Thanks John. 
Must admit to being total novice here.

I don’t have a 5.1 source (like a games consul or Blu-ray do you mean?) to test this. 

I naively thought I could stream movies and get some form of surround sound with the Arc and Ones set up I have. 

Any idea what I’m missing to be able to do so?



Have you tried movies from either Netflix, Disney+ or Amazon Prime Apps, just as a few examples?

As Ken suggests, it’s the streaming services that provide us with surround sound content.  As a quick experiment I just went into the films section on BBC iPlayer and found Paddington there.  Audio played in stereo, nothing from surrounds.  But on Netflix Paddington plays in 5’1 and the surround speakers are producing sound.  You need the raw material to be in a suitable format.


John and Ken. 

I can’t thank you enough. 

I totally understand now. Trying out the streaming apps as suggested works a treat. But of course you both already knew that 😊. 

Great forum support for which I’m very grateful. 

Thank you too for not just ignoring me as some numpty who know zip about things like this.