One SL and Sub not reconnecting to new wifi

  • 11 October 2023
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I changed my wifi about 2 weeks ago. Managed to go through and reconnect my Beam and one of my One SL surrounds. For some reason, the Sub and the other SL surround won’t connect to wifi. I’ve been through the steps in the app, typed the wifi password, connected the One SL to the router but it still can’t connect to the network. I’ve even tried setting the whole thing up as a new system but I’m still stumped. 

Can anyone point me in the right direction please


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4 replies

The surrounds and the sub don’t connect to your Wi-Fi network, they connect to your Beam (when used as surrounds and bonded as a home theater system), so the ‘radio/wifi’ must be turned on for the Beam, and there needs to be a check for wifi interference in the 5Ghz frequency, which is what the Beam uses to connect to the surrounds and Sub. 

Hi Bruce,


Thanks for the quick response. The Beam has wifi enabled but it can’t find the second SL to set up the surrounds. The S2 app was taking me through the steps to reconnect the second SL to a new wifi network but it fails or gets stuck every time. Thanks. 




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Try assigning static/reserved IP addresses to all Sonos then power them down, reboot router and power them back up.

If that doesn’t work try hooking the problem Sonos up to a temporary Ethernet cable until they come on-line.

Oddly, I’ve just done that. Wired the Beam to an Ethernet cable and it seems to have solved itself. I’ll leave it wired for now and possibly unplug it in a few days. 

Thank you both for your help!