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  • 1 September 2021
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Hey everyone, trying to get a universal remote to work for my tv and beam.  Getting the tv to work was no problem, but the beam on the other hand has not worked at all with it.


So I first tried setting the code supplied by the remote manufacturer for Sonos, but that didn’t work.  That’s when I found via google that I should set it up via the Sonos app.  Since I’m using the optical plug, it asks to setup the remote.  So I click through and it says I should just have to peer + volume, but that still doesn’t do anything.

the remote was coded to work with the TV, it’s an older plasma so I don’t have an ARC hdmi plug.  Any thoughts on what to do?


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Set the remote up to control the TV only.

Once that’s done and working, go in to the controller, and teach the Sonos (or tell it, it’s been a long time since i’ve done it) what codes the remote is using. You don’t want to teach the remote a second set of “Sonos” codes, you just need to tell Sonos to look for your TV’s codes. The IR sensor (it is an IR remote, and not bluetooth or something similar that isn’t IR, right?) on the Beam will pick up the message from the remote intended for the TV set, and translate them to what’s appropriate for the Beam to use. Then all you have to do is turn the TV’s speakers off, so the TV itself doesn’t respond to the volume command, and as they say, Bob’s your uncle!