No sound between TV and ARC since app update

I can no longer get any sound from my TV on my Sonos ARC since the app update. I can play music but nothing from the TV. It illustrates that sound is coming through but I can hear nothing.


Any ideas

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Disconnect everything from the TV and unplug the Arc and TV from power for a couple of minutes. Plug everything back in but keep everything disconnected. Make sure CEC is enabled in the TV settings. Run TV Setup in the Sonos app and follow the app instructions. When the app instructs you, connect the Arc to the TV’s HDMI ARC port using the Sonos-supplied HDMI cable. After the Arc has been successfully connected, connect any other devices to the TV.

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I have the same issue with the playbar connected to the tv by spdif. The reply above did not solve the issue here.

The playbar also does not switch to tv source anymore, manual switchibg to tv does not help though.

Yup, I have the same issue with a Beam (Gen 2) connected to a Samsung TV (via ARC). This also occurred after the last update (the one that changed the visual look of the Sonos app). I’m annoyed I can’t change the volume, turn the TV on or off, change input, etc. 


Why do I have to factory reset my whole Sonos setup (a Beam, Sub, and 2 Play:3s) at least once a year due to an issue like this after an update? I’m definitely done with these products - once one breaks, I’m upgrading to something reliable.

This latest download from Sonos is so beyond acceptable. I can no longer connect my iTunes library or my television to listen too. I spent thousands of dollars for them to do this. They seem to have decided after taking money from us for years to change their platform. I have went through various changes and always seemed to make it work. This time they have basically disabled my ability to use the system. I WILL NEVER BY ANOTHER SONOS PRODUCT AGAIN!

Same problem, unable to get sound from the TV through the Play bar, subs and Sonos speakers.

Sonos please fix ASAP


Same problem, working on this for 2 hours.  The benefit of Sonos used to be convenience.  Now that’s furthest from the truth.  I have a bunch of expensive paperweights.

I’m a Sonos dealer. We’ve been fielding calls for the last 10 days dealing with this crap!! My home system just ran the hardware update, so long TV audio! 

Many people bought their product because they promoted the advantages of being able to use the sound system just like a theatre and now they have taken it away. They should be sued for doing this. My system is completely useless now! I have spent all this money for it to be screwed over like this is beyond frustrating!

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Have the same issue with a playbay with spdif input with no sound - after the latest update here in may 2024.

Same. Just had the new app installed and spent an hour trying to get the sonos arc connected to my samsung Q80 tv. No luck. Why do they do this to us. Nothing on the problem solving sites. You would think they would have tested this. Music is fine, but not the tv connection.


It really should be against the law to break your customer’s equipment like this. 

Even better, support has logged off early as I am stuck with a useless Sonos Beam. If you are going to break people’s gear, at least be available to help.



I have similar problem… after update i have no longer the sound from my tv via my ARC. 


With all do respect, i read a lot of complaints, but does anybody know a solution? 





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I have a rather intricate setup since I’m using this Sonos system on my PC. Even though it’s intricate, it’s worked for the past year and a half since I bought it and have been adding things to it. The system no longer works and I use it daily. As of right now, I’m using an Amazon Alexa in Bluetooth as a speaker😂. I would greatly appreciate an answer when we find out how to fix this or if there’s an update. Memorial Day weekend is about to suck with no TV audio.

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    The same thing happened to me yesterday after I accepted an update for the controller (not the cell phone app). I have two Sonos Playbases and they both stopped playing TV audio (via optical cable) right after the update. Both of them can still play streaming radio and material from my networked media library. I’m fairly certain that the problem is from the controller update because it affected both Playbases at the same time.

    A short while ago I started a new discussion topic about this under the title “No TV Sound after Update.”  (May 25, 2024)

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Update: I just had a long text chat with an Sonos technician named Adrian G. He could not fix the problem and ultimately suggested that I call Sonos during regular business hours, when greater support resources are available. However, during the chat session, he asked me to send diagnostics. The diagnostics showed that neither of my two Playbases were receiving optical input. Both TVs were on and configured for external (optical) speakers. This makes me think that yesterday's update to the software inside the Playbases is causing them to ignore the optical (Toslink) input. I asked Adrian if there was a way to restore the Playbases to their original factory configuration and he said that there is not. He also said that there is no way (for now) to simply roll back yesterday's update. (May 25, 2024)

Also can’t get back to TV audio now since the new app decided to switch the Arc to streaming music even though I had only picked the Move… Even if I manually select TV audio it won’t get any audio. I’ve tried running through the tv setup for the arc a few times and it works but doesn’t fix the problem at all. I’ve had to unplug the Arc and just use the TV speakers since this happened now, awesome work Sonos! It was fine after the update with the TV audio until it decided on its own to play what I tried to stream to the Move while we were cleaning the garage but since then busted…

Got mine fixed after an hour plus playing with tv settings and limited sonos settings now available. . Unplugged everything including cables. Initially did not work, but when I unplugged the Hdmi at the arc instead of the tv (where I originally unplugged it from) and plugged it back in it started working. Strange, but who knows. Good luck.

Same issue for me since the update 3 days ago. Tried calling the helpdesk which had a 110 minutes wait time. Very frustrating, I hope they fix this asap.

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This is a really terrible situation and it gives me the sense Sonos is failing as a company.


  1. The update has broken 5 tv audio system in my home. 2 arcs, and 3 beams. Like, just complete garbage. 
  2. Literally nothing about the new app is an improvement. It is less functional, harder to use, etc. 

I really regret having spent so much on Sonos equipment. The whole point was ease of use. Now it not only is hard to use in the App (seriously, why do you hate us?), but it’s completely broken on some of its primary functions. 

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It's a bit strange that it only affects some.
My system (Playbar-Sub-2xPlay 1) works flawlessly.
Both the APP and the system are updated to the latest version.

The only thing I have noticed is that when I switch to TV from music, the system is muted (then I just have to turn up the volume before there is sound), it does not when I go from TV to music, then music is played in same volume as there was TV sound.

When I say flawless, I don't mean the App, it seriously needs a lot of work..

Only way I can get the audio to work on my bean gen 2 and LG TV is to turn the devices on and off at the wall each time. Totally unacceptable....

Possible solution: 

I created a new group, which includes all the speakers, & TV sound bar. I selected this group, All, instead of the everywhere option. It is currently work…. We will see if it still work tomorrow, after the TV is turned off. 🤞🏻

I was having the same issue with my Arc no longer having sound with my Apple TV after this update. I have a Samsung smart TV. I could hear music streaming but no sound for TV. 

On my Samsung settings menu I went Settings> Sound> Expert Settings > HDMI-eARC Mode and changed this to the “Auto” setting.  I will also add that just prior to changing this setting I unplugged all the products and restarted my router  unclear if that did anything or was necessary.

Sharing in case this might work for someone else. WHAT A FRUSTRATING EXPERIENCE. We had multiple days with no sound and I spent way too much time trying to figure this out for such an expensive product. Why does this break once a year?! Do better Sonos!

Possible solution: 

I created a new group, which includes all the speakers, & TV sound bar. I selected this group, All, instead of the everywhere option. It is currently work…. We will see if it still work tomorrow, after the TV is turned off. 🤞🏻

Update: the new grouping created easily allowed me to access TV and other speakers for sound, today. 🤗

I have the same issue.

After the update sonos arc not playing sound.

TV audio says SPDIF but no sound is coming from speakers.

Please roll back the update to the previous version.

It was working juat fine on last version.