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  • 4 August 2021
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We have a multi-media room of 22' x 25' with cathedral ceilings (45 degree ceiling toping at 20').  


We have a LG CX77 tv set.  As for speakers, we have 2 back speakers inserted in the sloped ceiling (±11' high).  We also have a Sonos Arc.  We will be buying a Sonos Subwoofer and would like to complete the set will 2 more front speakers.


What would you suggest for the 2 front speakers ?

Do you have any other recommandation for our media system ?


Thanks in advance. 



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3 replies

The Sonos system doesn’t allow two more front speakers in a “media room” setup. You can’t have the Arc be just a center channel. The Arc already has front right, front center, and front left speakers, in addition to up firing Atmos speakers, which will likely have an issue with your sloped ceiling. 

Now, that being said, I’ve placed two PLAY:5s on either side of my TV, for listening to music. But they’re not part of the TV set up in the Sonos software, but instead a separate “room”. 

If you consider the two functions as separate rooms, one for TV, and one for music, I think you’ll be much happier. You can then apply different sets of Sonos speakers to fit the two needs, without needing to cross over between one and the other. 

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Hello Airgetlam,

Thanks for your reply.  Sorry for the delay.  I was out of town for a while.

I was told that I can add 2 front speakers sets (… so 4 speakers) to my new Sonos AMP.  Do I understand that to your knowledge, I only can have:

  • a Sonos ARC at the bottom of my screen
  • a Sonos SUBWOOFER, and
  • my actual 2 in ceiling speakers

This way the ARC and SUBWOFFER woyuld act has my front speakers.

Is that what your are suggesting ?



Robert Lespérance 

I think you misunderstood, or were told improperly. Yes, you can add two pairs of Sonance Architectural speakers to a single Sonos Amp. However, it would be odd to have two front right, two front left, and two interpolated center speakers. The Sonance Architectural speakers are to my knowledge, ceiling speakers, and certainly not ideal for use in a home theater type of setup. 

For rear speakers, a home theater context, the recommended positioning is at head height, and not in the ceiling. When you go to a theater, the surround speakers there are hung on the wall, and not placed in the ceiling. I would also suggest having two pairs of surround speaker would muddy the aural location of the intended data. 

If you do want to use in ceiling speakers, I would absolutely use the Sonos Amp to power four Sonance Architectural speakers, and use these for playing only music. 

You certainly could use the identified setup with the Arc, a Sonos Sub, and an Amp driving a single pair of in ceiling surrounds, but depending on how serious you are about the home theater context, I’d leave the ceiling speakers for music, and get a separate pair of Sonos Ones of any type to use as surrounds.