Mounting Sonos Playbar Above TV

  • 28 September 2021
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Hello - Has anyone mounted their Playbar above the TV? How’d it work out? How much above eye/ear level have you done it/how much space between top of Playbar and shelf (or ceiling) is required?  Any issues with top of Playbar being too close to shelf/ceiling above (causing distortion of the sound waves or over-heating)? I am considering moving the Playbar above the TV (which is on an extendable mount that comes out of a recess in the wall).




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2 replies

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Here are some guidelines from Sonos for wall mounting the Playbar:

  • When mounting below a TV, keep 1" (25mm) space (minimum) between Playbar and TV.

  • When mounting above a TV, keep 2" (50mm) space (minimum) between Playbar and TV.

  • Preserve audio quality: make sure the connector panel faces away from the TV.

  • Keep both ends of the Playbar at least 1 ft. (30cm) from a wall or other obstruction.

Thank you GuitarSuperstar. I appreciate that information, but unfortunately Sonos doesn’t address questions about space between top of Playbar and ceiling (or shelf, etc.) above, or what the user experience is when the Playbar is above TV (as opposed to typical position below) or above the plane of the head of the person watching the TV.  Any thoughts you have on that would be very welcome!