Monitor with 1 hdmi connected to Chromecast Ultra (HDMI) and Sonos Beam gen 2

  • 19 November 2021
  • 2 replies


I have to connect a monitor which only has 1 HDMI port to both Chromecast Ultra with HDMI port and Sonos Beam with HDMI cable. I have tried with a HDMI splitter out of the screen but it does not work. Any suggestion?

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2 replies

Before you start, is it an HDMI-ARC port?  If not, you cannot use it for audio out to the Beam.  Beam requires HDMI-ARC, or optical via the adapter.

You need a device that creates an ARC signal, your monitor won’t do that for you. The Sonos will not interpret a standard HDMI signal. 

So, you have a couple of choices. Many HDMI switches can pull off the audio signal to an optical port, which you can then connect to the adapter that fits in the Beam.

Or, you can get the more expensive device of an eARC creator, such as the HD Fury Arcana, and have it create the ARC/eARC signal that the Beam can use by pulling the signal off of the standard HDMI.