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Due that Sonos don't want to give us the joy for a completely wireless speakers to be used as rear channels I have a question. What happens if I bond 2 era 100 to my arc only when I need them?

When arc plays without detect rear channel it works the same as it would be in stand alone configuration or I have set up every time stand alone configuration?

Rear speaker would dedicated only to this use but I can't leave them always in place and i don't want every time configure them as rear channels or stand alone.





Best answer by melvimbe 11 May 2023, 20:11

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Not exactly sure I’m following your questions, but if you setup  a Sonos room  as Arc +2 Era 100s, and simply unplugged your Era speakers when you didn’t want them for whatever reason, the room would still play.  Sonos amp would tell you that the speakers are missing and the Arc would continue playing and just not send any audio to your none existant speakers.  It would not send that audio to the side firiing speakers like it would if you had setup without rear speakers….if that makes sense. As a result, the Arc alone may sound a bit hollow at times.

The other factor is that you would want to be careful to place back into the original left and right positions.  If you trueplay tuned, I’d take even more care to place them in the exact original spots.


What you can’t do, and it sounds like you’re aware, is use the Era 100s as separate room from your Arc when you don’t want them as surrounds, without doing a setup/ reconfiguration every time you switch.

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Thanks, you got the point perfectly and this is the reply I was looking for. 


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Would the Arc not sound differently when it is tuned to work with surrounds that are not present?