Mixed speakers in home theatre setup

  • 29 December 2023
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Greetings, I’m wondering if I can mix up the speakers used in a home theatre setup. Specifically, I just bought a Beam and already have a One speaker in the basement that I don’t use much. Wondering if I can buy another smaller speaker, such as a Move or Era 100, and use that with the Beam and the One to create a surround effect (or just better sound) for both TV and regular music. 

I’d really like to use the Move, so I can bring it outside with me when listening to music while grilling. Any thoughts are welcome, pro or con. Thanks.  



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No, unfortunately not. Sonos requires like speakers to be used as surrounds. So, for your system, you’d need a One or One SL to pair together to make a surround set. 

Neither of the ‘portable’ speakers, the Roam or the Move (2) can be used as surrounds. 

We’ve just found out from another thread that Sonos has stopped production and sales of the Sonos One, in favor of the Era 100. Were it me, I’d leave your One where it is, and get a pair of the Era 100s to operate as surrounds with your Beam. Alternately, you could look at a local retailer which may have a Sonos One (or Sonos One SL) in inventory, and get just that to pair with your current One ( or one One, if you see the humor). 

If you extend the sound from your Beam to another ‘Sonos room’, there will be a slight delay of around 75 ms between the Beam and any grouped room. Surrounds, since they are part of the Beam’s room, do not have the delay, but then they’re playing surround information, not the center (speech) channel. 

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Surround speakers have to be matched.

You can only use a One or a One SL with your existing Sonos One and Beam for a Sonos Home Theatre system. An Era, or Move, will not work alongside your One and in fact the Move and other Sonos portable products, cannot be used as part of a Home Theatre anyway.

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One SLs are still available from Sonos as refurbished.

They may be available new from other sellers.

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Thank you all for the prompt and most useful responses. Much appreciated.