Melted spot on the Sub casing

  • 11 November 2022
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Hi everyone,


Does any of you know what could be the reason for the Sub casing to meltdown ? The sub is functional, but I am not sure if any of the internal components are affected.


The sub was purchased new 8 months ago, and the warranty is still valid.


I really love my SONOS system, and didn’t expect to see this on the case.


Thank you in advance



3 replies

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To me….it looks like something spilled on it and caused a reaction. Also looks like splatter spots around it. But we all see things differently.

Can you be more specific ?

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Hey @darkpana, welcome to the Sonos Community!


You’d be better to contact our Sonos Support for assistance regarding this. Have this picture handy, as you most likely will need it.

Hope this helps.

Sotiris C