Made a Home Cinema with a SONOS Ray and two Symfonisk speakers

I have a Samsung UE48J5200AW TV and an Apple TV 4k as the titlte, I want to create a kind of home cinema with surround sound but not too far out of budget. I would like to know if combining both the soundbar and the symfonisk speakers I could get it.


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Yes, a Ray and a pair of SYMFONISK speakers can work together to create a Sonos home theater setup. The two SYMFONISK speakers need to be the same model speaker to add them as surrounds to the Ray. Also be sure to set the Change Format audio setting on the Apple TV to ON and set the New Format to Dolby Digital 5.1.

And if I wanted to use these two Symfonisk (of the same generation) together with another speaker, for example an Amazon Echo Show 8 ... I know that the Echo Show can be used to play music on the Symfonisk, but together on all of them...? 

No, you can’t synchronize playback between a Sonos and another company’s speaker. 

Edit: unless that other speaker is a passive one, connected to a Sonos Amp. I should have said ‘smart speaker’.