low volume - sonos ray

  • 1 January 2024
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Set up Sonos Ray using Sonos app for iPhone. 
During a friend party we used it as standalone player (without connecting to TV). 
we were using Spotify via Sonos app but - when we have  reached 100% of max volume -  sound was intense but very low for the power of this soundbar (I can make the same volume with a portable small speaker like Bose)


is this normal ??

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3 replies

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Hi @AndreaCisse, welcome to the Sonos Community!

If you had the speaker at max volume, then that’s the highest it can go. The Ray is our starter soundbar, so it’s great to get you started on Home Theatre and Sonos, but for a party you might need something more, like a stereo pair or a Sonos Five.

I still think the Ray at max volume should be pretty loud however, so I would suggest you check if there are any volume limits set on the Sonos Ray. It’s also worth Trueplaying the Ray if you have an iPhone available that can run the Sonos app.

I hope this information helps!

Hello Jamie, 

yes it makes sense. Thank you for your help. I understand the topic anyway having a soundbar that play low volume is strange if you compare with competitor product that are much louder with 100 Eur product even if the quality is completely different...

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Hi @AndreaCisse,

Many people associate distortion will loudness, or join the two together, so when a device isn’t distorting at the upper levels of it’s volume then it’s assumed it isn’t loud. The best way to test would be to use an app to measure the decibels of the speaker. If the other speaker matches the Ray in DBs or is lower, then it’s likely distortion causing the difference.

If the app shows a really low level on the Ray but not the other speaker, even when you’re the same distance back while using the app, then I’d suggest recording a video of the Ray playing and reaching out to our support team for further investigation. I still think it’ll be distortion on the lower priced speaker, but it is possible the Ray has an issue which support can assist you in resolving.