Low dialogue with Arc using Atmos

  • 10 January 2023
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I know that dialogue issues with Arc have been discussed a lot, but I am still at an impasse. The latest updates did help a lot with dialogue on my Arc + Sub (3), but when using Atmos through my Apple TV 4K, dialogue levels are still very low. I have Speech Enhancement engaged, and typically have “Reduce Loud Sounds” engaged on the Apple TV. When I turn off Atmos in Apple TV, and revert to 5.1, the issue resolves itself. Does anyone have suggestions on what to try to resolve this using Atmos? I feel like I’ve tried every combination to make this usable. I have performed Trueplay after the latest update. 


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1 reply

I’d certainly recommend adjusting down the sound level of the Surrounds, as well, but there’s a limit as to what Sonos can do when presented with a signal mixed by an audio tech upstream. You may want to double check that your Arc is receiving an Atmos signal, too. This complaint is a common one when the Arc is receiving only a stereo signal, as there is no ‘center’ channel for Sonos to be playing.