Loud Popping Suggestion: Beam and ARC Customers

  • 5 December 2021
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Hi, all. Seems like quite a few of us on this board are having issues with loud popping during Atmos or other codec playback. I have read each thread on this board with no resolution from Sonos offered. I see this problem going back as far as Nov 2020.

Here’s my suggestion: Write an accurate/truthful review on social media or the review board of where you purchased the product from. Let other potential buyers know that this problem is out there and has not been addressed by Sonos.

Maybe when Sonos sees these accurate/truthful (yet negative) reviews of their product we will get some fixes from Sonos.

For me, I will be posting my review on Crutchfield and Twitter.

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3 replies

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Be sure to include what specific model TV you are using in your review because I believe this is an important factor.

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@GuitarSuperstar Not sure it is as I have read on several threads in here that people are having the problem with LG’s, Samsung, and mine is a Sony. Are you seeing a consistent TV brand that this problem is happening with? I am not and unfortunately I have had to do wayyyy too much research on this issue.

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And, since the weekend is now over, contact Sonos for help (as suggested by Sonos) before calling in the troops on social media.