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My Sonos player suddenly lost the signal from Apple TV but is able to play all other sources. I’ve updated the Apple TV (4k) and it still does not connect to the player. A reset on the TV and Apple TV provided no solution either. The software update on Apple TV is current as well. 

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.



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What “Sonos player” are you referring to? How exactly are you sending audio from the Apple TV to the “Sonos player”? Via AirPlay or an HDMI connection?

Hi there. It’s a playbar connected to my Samsung tv via HDMI. It’s worked flawlessly for 6 years…now it just stopped.

My apologies…irs connected via optical cable.

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Disconnect the Playbar and Apple TV from the TV and unplug all three from power for about a minute. Plug everything back in but keep everything disconnected. Run TV Setup in the Sonos app and follow the instructions. Connect the Playbar to the TV. After it is successfully connected, connect the Apple TV to the TV.