LG Lip Sync issue

  • 22 March 2023
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I’m just asking if any tech experts or indeed any nontech LG owners can help.

I have an LG 2019 tv. Also an apple 4ktv and Sky Q box. I had a Beam gen 1 and now a Beam gen 2.

On receiving my Beam2 I decided to add my play 1s as surrounds. This was when the lipsync issue started, with video arriving before the audio. So audio delay settings on Sky, TV and Sonos app were ineffective. I then decided to use only LG native apps, not sky nor Apple TV. Still issue was present. 

By a process of elimination I found that there was no issue with the LG speakers - apart from the fact that they sounded hideous😳. The audio delay was coming from the TV - HDMI -  Beam route.

I tried all the usual things, rebooting, resetting, swapping cables, etc.

I then tried to research this through all online resources/forums etc  I could find. 

I came to 1 conclusion and 1 answer to this: 1, the conclusion, this is not that uncommon, particularly with LG, and not just Sonos. The result. One person on this site remedied it by using the LG tv Trumotion to add processing and delay to the video. I have tried this and it works. 
Which is great.

But, it means I’m adding video processing and deliberately altering the quality of the video in order to marry sound and vision.

I think it works for Sky as well, but haven’t fully investigated that yet. Apple I’ll leave for a day or two.

i dont want to lose the surround sound - it’s great. So, any thoughts? Other than Trumotion?

Any suggestions gratefully received!!



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4 replies

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Hi @Traveller 

Thanks for your post!

I recommend unplugging the TV from power for at least 2 minutes, and also checking to see if it has any software updates available.

If the TV has eARC support, it may help to disable it - you can still get Atmos via Dolby Digital + over HDMI-ARC.

I hope this helps.

Hi Cory,

Thanks for the reply.

I had actually tried all that to no avail.

What  I have found, though, from a US LG site,  is that the LG TV AV Sync Adjustment does, on my 2019 model at least, delay video or audio. It wasn’t apparent from my manual or UK based site. 


So, for any other UK based LG TV owners, this works! Albeit LG don’t seem keen to advertise it or acknowledge it.

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Hi @Traveller 

Glad to hear you found a solution - thanks for updating the thread!

Here’s the LG link for future reference