Latest Sonos Beam upgrade makes Mixcloud unstable?

I have listened to Mixcloud on my Sonos Beam almost daily for the last 4 months or so. Yesterday I upgraded the Sonos Beam. Now Mixcloud rarely plays then quickly dies, and I am getting a slew of errors with the iOS app and macOS app.

  • “An error occurred while adding track to the queue (701)”
  • Unable to access the Sonos Beam at all from the iOS app.
  • If I do get Mixcloud to play, it plays 2-20 minutes of a show, then skips to the next, within 1 minutes skips and finally gives up. After this Sonos is fully unresponsive. 

I tried

  • a factory reset of the Sonos Beam. No difference.
  • Checked the Sonos music service status page. All reported well. 
  • Killed and restarted the iOS app. Sometimes it doesn’t even find the Beam until I reboot the beam. 

The only thing that helps for a little while is powering the Beam down and powering it up again. But less than an hour later it exhibits the same issues. Networking is so flaky that sometimes it won’t even connect bluetooth. 

Please revert your changes. 


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  • “Connection to Mixcloud lost” is the most frequent error attempting to play a show. 


Sure sounds like some sort of wifi interference , or possibly a duplicate IP address issue exacerbated by the update. 

I’d start by a quick refresh of your local network. Unplug all Sonos devices from power, then reboot your router. Only when the router comes back up should you plug back in the Sonos. 

Then I’d do some testing. If it’s still an issue, you’ve cleared one possibility, and I would recommend that you submit a system diagnostic within 10 minutes of experiencing this problem, and call Sonos Support to discuss it.

I’d still read the FAQ I listed for wireless interference, though, as it’s entirely possible that the timing it started occurring is a false flag, it could be another issue altogether. Although that diagnostic I suggested might help pinpoint that, too.  

There may be information included in the diagnostic that will help Sonos pinpoint the issue and help you find a solution.

When you speak directly to the phone folks, they have tools at their disposal that will allow them to give you advice specific to your Sonos system and network.

Awesome, quick response. 

I assigned a static IP within my network but outside my DHCP pool to avoid any duplicate IP address issues you were mentioning. (I already did that a long time ago for my Sonos SLs.)

I also noticed in my internet connection monitoring that I suffered more packet drops than usual during the last 2-4 days. Which prompted me to power down my cable modem for >1min to force a renegotiation. 

If we are lucky, these actions may resolve my issues. If not, I will continue with your guide. 

Thanks, Jens.