Large Room Setup Recommendation

  • 10 May 2022
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My Living room is 20’ x 20’ and I’m planing to setup the home theater system in the room with all Sonos speakers during my remodeling. I will be using it for watching movies, but also for our family parties. 

Can someone recommend what would be the ideal setup (not worrying about the cost)?

I was thinking to start with 

  • Arch
  • Sub
  • Two Ceiling

Will adding two One SL  (one on each side of the Arc) be better or is it too much and not necessary? 

How about adding two more Ceiling speakers (total of 4 ceiling+ Arc + Sub). Obviously I don’t want to spend more if I don’t have to, but if adding more speakers will make a significant difference, I don’t mind adding more. 


I will have two ceiling speakers in bedroom, dining room and patio as well. 

Thanks in advance. 


1 reply

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The maximum Sonos Arc home theater setup can include the Arc, up to two Subs (one must be a Gen 3), and two surround speakers for a 5.2.2 setup. You cannot add any more speakers to this setup. You can group more speakers to this setup in the Sonos app, but you will experience a slight audio delay from the grouped speakers when playing TV audio. Streaming music will be in sync though.

I would recommend getting the Arc, one Sub, and two Fives as surrounds. Usually Fives are overkill for surround speakers, but your room is large enough where they could work. And the Arc and two Fives will sound great when streaming music for your family parties. If the one Sub isn’t enough, you can always add a second one later.

NOTE: I didn’t recommend in-ceiling speakers for the surrounds because it is usually recommended to keep the surround speakers at or near ear level. Although you could consider in-wall speakers as surrounds.