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  • 12 August 2022
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Please help!!

I have tried everything to fix my system, including having my AV tech come out and still issues.

I currently have 2x beams 2x amps ,a port, a five and a move. We recently had a Linksys AX5300 (Mesh six) router installed sonos worked right for 30 mins then started skipping during music then each room fell out of system during a Sonos update which created a nightmare of being stuck in update on 1 amp and 1 beam which pretty much locked the system.

I spend hours on the phone trouble shooting have hard wired the Five to the hub router and finally got all rooms back updated and on the system. (Created SonosNet with help of Sonos Support) after rebooting and resetting everything several times. Alexa worked for 5 mins after getting off the phone. I called back and the support person said the could only see the Five and the Move even though I could see all rooms. 

Now I can still see my rooms but music will not play I have uninstalled and reinstalled. When I try to select a song from any service it says song not in queue. And alexa will not connect at all. 

And Alexa throughout the house keep falling out of network now. Is the Linksys AX5300 (Six) just not compatible for Sonos devices as it seems to clitch and kick EVERYTHING OUT.

Also how do I play music and how/why do I have a queue and never needed it before.

My system worked great on Orbi 4 but the internet was slow and spotty and needed to be replaced.


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5 replies

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Are you still running on SonosNet?

Have you locked the mesh system to a specific channel or is it on Auto mode?

Is SonosNet and the wifi on different, non -overlapping channels? Choose from channels 1, 6 and 11 for this. 
Power down everything. Then restart the router. When it is fully running, power up your Sonos devices, one by one. Start with any that are hard-wired to your router.
Keep it simple to start: just try streaming some music, starting it from the app on your phone rather than with Alexa voice command. If you need to, add a music service such as Tunein, or try a Sonos radio station.

Let us know how that goes. 

You say you wired a spesler to the 'hub router". Is that part of the Linksys mesh or something additionaal to it?

I believe the installer put all on 6- so I should put sonos net on own channel and everything else on different channel well except Alexa and alexa supported devices. 

The five is connected to the router in the mesh. The Gateway WIFI is turned off. 

I have tried the powering down and reinstalling one by one, it works for awhile and then music falls off (wont play, even Sonos radio) when  i contact Sonos they can only see 1 of my beams which is wired to tv only and the Five which is hard wired even though I can see all products so Im wondering if they all did not connect correctly to the SONOSNET.

As of now my plan is to return the linksys 6 and go back to Orbi which we never had issue with. I have purchased the Orbi Tri-band Mesh WiFi 6 System, 6Gbps Router + 2 Satellites. I plan to start over. My fear is that there is some block or IP address  issue which will continue when I switch over as they installer messed up the IP address when he installed it so he changed in 2x first by miss spelling it 2x he left out a - so it is still not the same as before should I or can I wipe out the IP address stored on the sonos  products so it connects to my new orbi I am so confused at this point.

Should I recreate the sonos net or let it run on the mesh?

Should I have geek squad install?? Cuz I’m not paying my installers $125 an hour again.


I didn’t mean IP address I meant network name

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First thing I’d do is clear up your WiFi channels. put your Sonos gear on your cleanest channel and the other WiFi on another (only use 1, 6 or 11) so they aren’t conflicting. If you need another WiFi channel use the last of the three for it.

Sonos uses dynamic IP addresses so they get reassigned from time to time, sometimes that is glitchy. If you go to your Router’s DHCP page you can assign each Sonos device a static/reserved IP address. Once done power down ALL Sonos and the router, power up the router, then any wired Sonos followed by any wireless.

If basic music playing from the controller app isn’t working submit another diagnostic and see if Sonos can see any remaining problem.

Once the basics are working then worry about voice control.