issues connecting sub and surround to playbar

  • 25 December 2021
  • 1 reply

Hi, I am having trouble getting my surround and sub connected to my playbar. The setup consists of a playbar, two play ones, and sub. I can setup up all the devices individually and even connect the sub and two play ones in stereo together. But when I try to connect them to the playbar it goes through the whole process and eventually fails at the end. There is a question mark next to the playbar where sub should be. Diagnostic report: 376772923

I have already reset and restarted everything. Went though a interference diagnosis. Connected the playbar directly to Ethernet. Etc. Any help most appreciated. 


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1 reply

Most likely, somehow, the WiFi got turned off on the PLAYBAR. It’s a poorly labeled option, but turning it off also turns off the ability for the PLAYBAR to connect to the surrounds and Sub. 

The less likely issue could be a failure of the WiFi system in the PLAYBAR, something they should normally be able to see from that diagnostic you referenced, although I’d imagine their support staff may not be available on Christmas Day.