Issue setting up Beam with older Pioneer TV - pdp5080

  • 21 October 2020
  • 3 replies

hi! I’m trying to set up my Bean with my Pioneer PDP5080.  Unfortunately, my TV is 7 years old and doesn’t have an Arc input and the optical out is only for Dolby Digital and I was told by Pioneer it wasn’t meant to be compatible with a soundbar.  Is there any work-around here? Basically i was told by Sonos I can get a refund with no other solution.  I was really excited for my Beam to have some better sound quality for my TV but also to use it as a speaker for music. I also have an appleTV 4k -not sure if that matters or not. 

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3 replies

You may be a good candidate for the  HDMI switch with an optical output option, then, frequently discussed in the Home Theater area of the forum. Basically, separating the audio from the video before it reaches your TV set.

thanks for the response.  I did try to use the optical out.  Unfortunately the only audio my tv supports from the optical out is for the built in tuner in the tv so didn’t work

Have you actually tried using the optical out with the adapter supplied with the Beam? Dolby Digital is what the Beam is looking for.

You will probably have to go into the TV audio settings and tell it to send audio to the optical out.