Is it possible to get Dolby Surround with AppleTV 4K / 4 Sonos ONE SL / AirPlay2 ?

  • 10 May 2024
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Hey guys,

I currently have an Apple TV 4K streaming in Stereo to my 2 Sonos ONE SL speakers through AirPlay2, and it works great.


But I’m thinking about improving my setup by adding 2 rear speakers → would it be possible to use it as a surround sound through AirPlay2 ?


(i.e. to get only the “rear” sound from those 2 new speakers...)


Thanks a lot! 


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3 replies

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No, it isn’t possible to get surround sound via Airplay on Sonos. And directly via Sonos you will need one of the Sonps home theater device to create such a setup. 

Damn, such a shame…


Is there another way ? Like plugging AppleTV to a Sonos Amp, and then use 4 Sonos SL as surround system ?

Apple only sends a stereo signal to any non-Apple devices via AirPlay 2.

However, I ‘think’ that Apple changes the ‘originating device’ when you AirPlay 2 to an Apple TV from another Apple device, so you could indeed use an Apple TV as a source, but then you’d need a Sonos surround sound capable device connected to your TV. You wouldn’t be able to use four Sonos Ones, though. You could use a Sonos Amp, driving a front pair of non Sonos speakers, and add the pair of your Sonos Ones as surrounds, or go with a Sonos soundbar (the Ray, Beam, or Arc) as the front speakers, and add your current Ones as surrounds again.