Is it normal for the HDMI port on the Arc to be very sensitive to any touch / movements?

  • 16 November 2023
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Can I also ask if it is normal for the HDMI port on the Arc to be very sensitive to any touch / movements?  When I jiggle it even in the slightest, I risk losing the connection to my TV?  Its a brand new cable specifically compatible for up to 8K with eArc support. 


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Yes, at least mine is very sensitive. Occasionally, I’d move the Arc toward the back of my TV stand when not in use and back toward the front when in use. About half the time. I’d have to play with the HDMI cable. Do what I did and stop moving it.😉

There have been a few recent reports of this. I’m curious if there is a bad batch. The first four digits of the serial number gives the month of manufacture. While this is not proof of exactly which assembly line or day of assembly, posting the date here may help to narrow down the issue. In general, HDMI connectors are not as robust as some of the other consumer electronics connectors. If a very stiff HDMI cable is flexed near the connector, the socket is at risk.

I suggest that you contact SONOS support because this will move the issue up in the queue.

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Three threads?

And why would you need an 8k cable to transport sound? Is the connection also sensitive when you use the standard Sonos cable (that is sufficient for use with the Arc)?

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I’d certainly try the Sonos cable as a first step. Premium cables range from very nice to junk that comes nowhere near the spec since anybody can stamp a box “Premium” with no consequences.

If the issue happens with the Sonos cable I’d get something playing and then wiggle it to cause the issue. Within the next 10 minutes, sooner is better, send in a diagnostic and contact Sonos support to get them to look at the internal data.

We have already done all the above.  The cable provided by Sonos was not long long enough to complete our install running the cable behind the wall.  The longer cable i bought was eArc compatible.  I provided diagnostics last week. Problems have been escalated to Level 2 support several days ago.  Still awaiting a reply.