Intermittent issue - video without audio / Apple TV + LG OLED + Arc

  • 25 January 2023
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Hi everyone.  This seems more of a handshake issue vs the Arc itself, but hoping someone else has experience with this issue.

Streaming over a 2nd gen Apple TV 4K → LG OLED 65CX → Sonos Arc (+ sub and Amp with 3rd party surrounds) via eARC.  No issues with Atmos or anything like that.  Issue I’m having is when I start streaming a show, TV indicates Dolby Vision has kicked in and show starts, but there is no audio.  I’d say it happens 40% of the time and is more frequent when the streaming service begins to autoplay a new episode after the current one has ended.  So far I’ve noticed this when streaming over AppleTV+ and Netflix.  Seems to be isolated to shows encoded for Dolby Vision/Atomos.  My only workaround at the moment is to back out to the menu then restart the show.

One other thing I’ve noticed is when the Apple TV comes on, the screen blanks for a second while it switches to Dolby Vision.  A few seconds later it does this a second time which it never did with my old receiver-based setup.  I assume this is a second handshake with the Sonos Arc?

Apple TV is set to Dolby Vision with frame rate and dynamic range matched.  Audio is set to auto/Atmos.  The audio type (16 bit setting) is also set to auto.

LG TV is set to eArc Bitstream input and passthrough.

All connections via 48gbps certified HDMI.

Any input is appreciated.  Cheers.

1 reply

Maybe the video output settings are not matched to your particular TV, or there’s an issue with one of the HDMI cables - As an initial test, have you tried resetting the ATV video settings in ‘Settings/Video & Audio’ to see if that perhaps might resolve your issue?