in the same room, can i buy two different ARCs and connect to one sub? no need simoultaneusly sound

I have a sonos ARC for a Sony OLED TV connected correctly to their Sub (Gen3 and One SLs as soroound). I have another Panasonic MZ2000 OLED TV in the same room. I want to add and buy a second ARC for this second TV. Can i use the same sub that i have allready? (I’m not going to use the two TVs at the same time, only each tv with his ARC). How can i use the same sub (Gen3) connected to different Arc that are not going to execute simultaneosly? (only when his tv is connected). Thank you!

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No, a Sub cannot be assigned to more than one Arc at a time. 

Wow! What a waste of money, space and technology… then I’ll “manually” move the bar and Connect it to these different TVs… and for next time… maybe don’t buy a sonos… 


Thank you for the quick reply! Best regards…

Is it possible to add two ERA or Beam to the same Sonos arc + sub in the same room? This is because i’m trying to use the arc with one tv and the ERas or Beam with the other tv but connected all together to the same sub. Thank you.

No.  As stated above, sub and/or surrounds can be bonded to one soundbar and one soundbar only.  To assign it to another room you must remove it from one and add it to another.  

And, last chance. If i add an Arc to the same room as the other arc and sub, and then create a gruop with them, (maybe assigning one room for the new arc to Connect it to my actual arc+sub+One Sl System in different room) can i heard the same subwoofer for all The “agruped” Arcs/rooms/sonos speakers? (I don’t need different sound but the same sound in all sonos speakers: arcs, sub) Thank you. 

(i don’t want to buy another sub and occupate more space in my room with it, but i want to add another front speaker using the rooms and groups features if it’s possible, and when i have a tv “on” The other Tv will be off and will not send audio to his ARC, even if send audio because the group, there will not a problem, because i’m always using one tv at the same time).


Come on, are not any solution for people with the same config as me?


thanks again.

Grouping is not a solution for TV sources because the grouped room will be delayed by about 75 ms, causing an echo effect.  Also, the grouped room has all channels down mixed to stereo, ruining any Atmos or surround effects.   Basically, there is no way to get around buying two subs. 

Ok… Thanks for the help