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  • 1 November 2023
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Building new home and wanted to use Sonos.  Can they supply ceiling surround system w/ out soundbar.  We did not want to have exposed speakers.  Have you seen a soundbar being hidden behind a wall.  I have 12’ ceilings in family room and size is 21’x21’.  I thought I could put sub in cabinet with metal mesh.  What are my best options?

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3 replies

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Sonos offers in-wall and in-ceiling speaker options:

For a Sonos home theater setup, you can use two in-wall or in-ceiling speakers for the front channels and two in-wall or in-ceiling speakers for the two surround channels. With a Sub or Sub Mini, this would give you a 4.1 home theater setup.

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You might prefer the wall mounted speakers if you can get them to fit, ear level sound usually sounds better than sound coming from above.

A soundbar in a wall niche isn’t going to work well due to the necessary clearances at the ends and above if it has Atmos speakers.

You could get an in-wall sub with an external amp instead of a Sonos Sub in a wall cavity although that should work with a bit of tweaking. If you do the Sonos Sub you might want a speaker-cloth cover instead of metal as that won’t buzz from the sub’s output.

The SONOS SUB introduces quite a lot of bass energy into the room. You may experience some cabinet rattles. I’ve had SUB excite some loose items inside walls and I had to add some cardboard shims to windows and wall mounted pictures in order to subdue rattles there.