How to optimally place (upside down) Era 300s when used as rear surrounds.

  • 1 January 2024
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There is a half wall behind my couch, and the kitchen behind that-- so I can’t get a good, ear level placement. 


My setup is Arc/sub/2x ERA 300s. 


I’m thinking the best move at this point is to ceiling mount the Era 300s. If doing that, where should they be relative to the couch/people? 


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3 replies

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Hi @Obioban 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

In all cases (inverted or not), Era 300s should be placed behind the listener, and facing the wall that the TV is against (not facing the listener or the TV itself). Having each speaker equidistant from the listener is ideal, but not a requirement (there are settings to adjust relative distances, and there’s also TruePlay). As the speaker will be inverted, it can go as close to the ceiling as you see fit (unlike when not inverted)

Please be aware, however, that inverted mounting of Era 300s is not yet fully supported by the software at present - it has, so far, been met with mixed results by users reporting back here.

I hope this helps.


How far behind the listener should they ideally be? 

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Hi @Obioban 

There isn’t a specific distance mentioned in the product guide, so I can’t give you a range, but I think common sense will serve you well - you obviously don’t want them to be 20 feet behind you, but you do want them to be behind you rather than directly above you. If your couch is up against a wall, it may be “best” to pull it out from the wall a foot or two so there is space to get the speakers behind you.

Please note that we do recommend normal mounting over inverted mounting - it will be a better experience - so if you do end up pulling the couch out, you may want to just mount the speakers at (sitting on a couch) head height instead of inverting them near the ceiling.

I hope this helps.