how do i tell if my IR repeaters are working?

  • 28 July 2023
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I am having a hard time finding what everything in the app does and what each option does.  I see lots of people saying their ir repeaters aren’t working.  How do I know mine are.  Is it just for the volume adjust   Do I need all the options for IR turned on. The ir light repeater   Where do I find a description of everything available in the app and if it needs to be on or what each does.   Even called support and well chatted and they told me go to support online and that’s it.  Guess I was asking too many questions for him. So he just gave me the link for support which is where I started the chat from.  So please any info on the IR would be helpful. Thanks


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5 replies

There are none on the Sonos One. On the Arc, if you have it connected with an optical connection, instead of HDMI ARC, it takes the signal from the front, and rebroadcasts it somewhere out the back to the TV. 


Again, it is totally unnecessary and unused when the Arc is connected via ARC/eARC, in that case, the signal is carried on that connection, and there is no need at all for IR. 


Thanks for the info. 

On which Sonos device(s)?

And I suppose much more importantly, are you having an issue, or are you just curious?


I’m just curious what the repeaters do and how you know it’s working.   I have the arc and 2 one sl.