Home theatre/Hifi conundrum

  • 25 November 2022
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I was happy and content.  My system was a pair of play 1s stereo paired in one room and a zp90 running into my hifi in tv room.

Then I got a gen 1 beam second hand.  Of course I had to bring the play 1s into the tv room to check out the surround, and yes I enjoyed it.  Problem is that the layout of the room prevents me from leaving the surrounds behind the couch, which is okay because I don't need surround often, maybe once a week.  So in normal circumstances I would leave the play 1s beside the beam on the tv console. In that case it is pointless to have my hifi/zp90 there as it's just extra boxes. So to the point, I probably will get a sub mini in the future, and I am pretty sure that a sub mini and pair of play 1s would satisfy me music wise but believe that the music/full range option in the a poor substitute for a true 2.1 setup.  I think that it's terrible to have all this functionality and yet not have the option to have two user presets for your Sonos HT setup. How hard would it be retain two profiles including trueplay?

For someone who has an open plan area and enjoys  music and HT they can hardly be expected to have a pair of play 5s up front that are idle for half the time.  Rant over.

My voice is added to the calls to bring this functionality to the otherwise wonderful Sonos ecosystem.

2 replies

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quel est réellement votre question? vous voulez supprimez le zp90 et utilisez 2 play1 avec un sub-mini?

le zp90 vous l’utilisez avec quelle configuration hi/fi ampli et enceintes?



Hi, I guess that my point is that if one has multiple speakers for a HT setup then there is little point in retaining a zp90 and speakers in the same room and it would have been great if Sonos could implement a 2.1 music setup from the HT without having to unbond and rebound and trueplay every time.  It is also my understanding that a pair of stereo ones with a sub would sound better than say a beam with sub and surrounds.