Home Theater Setup - Need Some Advice - What Would You Do?

  • 14 April 2023
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So long time Sonos user. Have a dozen or so speakers including a small Beam/Sub/One HT setup in our loft, an Amp controlling our back patio setup and a Port connecting our primary living room HT. We're about to kick off a major kitchen remodel and as part of that replacing our flooring on the main level. With all the upcoming changes, the wife and I have been talking about aesthetics in our living room and what our options are for replacing speakers. You can see what I'm dealing with from a space/layout perspective in the pictures. We're probably 75% Movies/TV and 25% music with the occasional karaoke party with friends/family. Existing fronts are Definitive Technology bi-polars with 10in powered subs. They're over 20 years old, but surprisingly still sound pretty amazing. The center is a DT Mythos (had to downsize when we moved due to space on the mantle) and the surrounds are DT bi-polars mounted pretty high up on the rear wall behind the seating position and above the bar.

Have been kicking around the idea of replacing everything with Sonos, but I'm just not sure the juice will be worth the squeeze. Forget for a moment that I'd have to hire someone to wire the electrical for the surrounds and find a way to properly mount them in a way that was aesthetically pleasing, would they work effectively that high up on the wall? Then there's the Arc. Replacing two front tower speakers with a soundbar sounds nuts. Right? I'm slightly less concerned with low end, as I'd buy two Subs.

All that said, I'm looking for some sage advice. Should I keep looking to find a passive speaker series that is smaller, more visually appealing while still capable of sounding great? Do you think I'd be happy with Arc+Era300+2xSUB?

Thanks in advance for any feedback.




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3 replies

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If  I were you, I would definitely go for the 2 Era300+Arc+ sub…..

you can place the ERA where the 2 back speakers are now or even lower.

With SonoS system you can have also the Dolby Atmos surround sound.

Replacing your HT system with the SonoS one will also make you get a much more clean and ordered environment .🤗

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Thanks for the reply. I started thinking more and more about this and have some concerns. 

I’m using Roku TV as source for just about all streaming/TV/movie duties, so that means integrated TV apps. I’m also using a Mac Mini to run a karaoke app that feeds the TV, a mixer and the AVR. 

How would I wire this all this up after introducing the Arc? Is it even possible? Would the Arcana HD Fury solve for this?

You will be very disappointed if you attempt to use SONOS for karaoke.

SONOS speakers on the wall will work as effectively as your current speakers or you could continue to use your current rears by using a SONOS AMP to power the rears. In my opinion the ceiling is too high for a soundbar to effectively use for Atmos elevation channels.

In general soundbars of any manufacturer stress ease of installation and few wires. Overall, I don’t think that they are as effective as a full setup such as yours -- especially in a large room.

If you want the technology to be less visible, you could enclose the equipment in a cabinet. The microphone could be hidden in a closet when not in use -- along with the drums off to the side.

Since you are going forward with major construction, I suggest that you consult with a pro and consider installing a modern A/V receiver and Atmos elevation speakers. Properly done, this will introduce a new dimension of movie watching.

This room is borderline too ‘live’. Don’t give up that rug and be sure to have a pad under the rug.