Home theater and music options

  • 22 June 2023
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I have the full sonos theater set up.  Arc, era 300's, dual subs.   Playing music through this sucks.  The Arc can't hang with the era 300s and in settings you csn use a slider for surround (different for TV and music) but then it distorts the audio b/c Arc is still playing main channel.  Is there an easy way to maybe ungroup the system and regroup era 300s and subs only for music?  Or can Sonos make the slider for the Arc itself vs the surrounds and have the ability to quiet the Arc when music is playing? 

2 replies

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To answer your question there is no way to separate Arc and surrounds for music when bonded together in a Home Theater setup. The best you can do is set the surrounds to play at an ambient level versus full volume.

I too don’t like the sound of music played through a Sonos soundbar of any type. However, there are those who say the sound is fantastic. I have two Fives in stereo pair for music.

The request to be able to temporaitly un-bond surrounds for music and re-bond them easily through a “slider button “ in the Sonos app has been asked/requested many times.

All said...I wouldn’t say that music sucks when played though a sound bar. Yours (and mine) is just an opinion of personal taste.


I as well have 5's for music on the bookshelf in stereo mode.  Back to the theater set up, even in music, the two 5's without a sub outperforms the theater set up with 2 subs.  If I remove the Arc, the subs and 300's sound amazing.  The Arc brings everything down when not being used for movies/TV and makes the other produces perform subpar.