Help with Sonos ARC, Roon Streaming. and Casting

  • 30 November 2022
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I have my Sonos ARC connected to my Roon software as an endpoint. For a reason unknown to me, the TV the soundbar is connected to does not show up in my Roon system as a display (I assume it is Cromecast), yet my other apps (ones with the casting logo) work just fine. Is there something in the Sonos system that is denying the Chromecast connection? Or is it something else? Thanks!


Best answer by jonmichael 3 December 2022, 17:06

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3 replies

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Hi @jonmichael 

Thanks for your post!

I’m not familiar with Roon, but I can think of no method by which Sonos could somehow block Roon’s access to your TV - Chromecast simply has nothing to do with us, and we have nothing to do with it. You mention assuming that your TV is Chromecast compatible - do you know? 

If it is compatible, at a guess I would recommend rebooting your router and TV by unplugging them from power for at least a minute. If that doesn’t help, I recommend contacting Roon support or the manufacturer of your TV.

Alternatively, Chromecast devices to plug into your TV are approximately £$€20.

I hope this helps.

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I can’t see Sonos blocking or restricting Chromecast connections either, but I asked as part of my troubleshooting.

I have since narrowed the problem down to my Roon core software. I small icon that connects the casting protocol -- always there before -- is missing. Chromecast connections that are grandfathered still show up, but the missing icon means no new connections can be made (I think!).

I will delete and reinstall the Core this weekend, including a restoration of my backup files. If this doesn’t work, I am SOL. Thanks for your input. 

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Problem solved with Roon software update.