Help Please- No sound from Beam using audio extractor

  • 11 February 2024
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Hi, i have an older LG tv. No HDMI ARC on this one.  I have an OREI HDA 912 set up. Have my tv receiver connected to HDMI IN. I have HDMI OUT connected to the tv. I have an optical cable plugged into the Beam and OREI.  

 I can get picture, but no audio.  That said I have had audio before, using another audio extractor and it worked consistently. That set up was using an amazon firestick instead of the tv receiver.  Since exchanging the firestick for the tv receiver i have had audio working using both the old extractor and the new OREI i just got. However i loose the audio eventually. For example, turned the tv off last night, beam audio was fine.  This morning i have no audio. I have no idea how to test for audio and can’t seem to reverse engineer the set up that produces audio. 
last night was the first time i used the OREI. It didnt work at first but i slowly changed from TV to Bitsream to LPCM. I gave up after a while and left it on bitstream and it magically started to work several minutes later.  This magic is what happened as well with the prior extractor. One day it just worked and I had jot changed anything. 
for those in Canada, i’m using a Bell wireless connector (plugged into an ethernet port).

Also, my tv speaker is set to off. I do get audio when i turn it on. I do wonder if that is triggering something as it was set to on when i first set up the OREI and then once I heard the beam i turned it off with no problem 


A long wordy post, but desperate ahead of the Super bowl. I need to figure out this “magic” formula 



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Hi @MC270 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

We don’t support the use of audio extractors, and you have found out why - the results can be sporadic!

Assuming that you have Autoplay enabled (Settings » System » [room with Beam] » TV Autoplay), your Beam will play a supported audio stream whenever given it. I recommend that you contact Orei for support, though it may help to ensure that the audio format coming from your tv receiver is always of a supported format (optical supports only Dolby Digital, DTS and stereo PCM formats) as it may have been dependant on the exact media you were watching when you did get audio.

I notice that your Orei has CEC-passthrough. If there is an issue with this, it may help to disable some CEC-related functions on your TV, though this really is just a guess on my part.

I hope this helps.