HELP! I have no clue how to connect my TV to my logitech speakers + Sonos surround sound

I’m sorry if I couldn’t find the topic for this and thanks in advance for your help. 


My setup: 

  • 2 Sonos Ones. (rear left and rear right mounted on the wall)
  • Sonos Beam - on the TV 
  • Sonos Port 
  • Logitech Z623 speaker system (two speakers and a sub) 

I am struggling to find a way to get the sound to come from my TV - out of the logitech and sonos


I thought the Port was the answer but it seems I was mistaken


Please help! 


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I don’t recommend that you attempt this. Why do you want to do this?

What model TV?

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The Beam connects to your TV’s HDMI ARC or optical port.

Add the Ones to the Beam as surrounds in the Sonos app.

Connect the Port from the RCA audio out to the Logitech’s RCA inputs.

You can then group the Port with the Beam in the Sonos app. Music from the Beam and Logitech speakers should play in sync, but you will experience a slight delay from the Logitech speakers when playing TV audio. This is why this setup with the Port is not recommended for TV audio.

@buzz I want to use both sound systems for TV audio 


@GuitarSuperstar thank you!! I tried this and it’s a serious delay. Are there other non-sonos products for this that you know of? 

@buzz I want to use both sound systems for TV audio 



Why would you want to do this?  More speakers does not ensure great sound.  Matter of fact, two sets of speakers with completely different sound profiles will most certainly make it sound bad.   Couple that with the fact there would be multiple duplicate channels means it would sound even worse.



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 I tried this and it’s a serious delay. Are there other non-sonos products for this that you know of? 



A key element of Sonos speakers/systems is the ability to play multi-speaker, multi-room configurations in sync. There is a small delay in order to achieve this. It is minimised for home theatre systems in order to minimise lip-sync issues. But, the delay to other speakers when grouping and playing a tv signal is greater, resulting in the effect you’ve experienced. 

I often group my kitchen with lounge so I can hear tv dialogue in the kitchen. Because I’m only hearing the kitchen speaker whilst in that room there is no apparent delay. 

I tried this and it’s a serious delay. 

Go to Settings → TV Dialog Sync → Audio Delay and adjust for best sync. This will trade lip sync for Group time alignment.

It’s a compromise because SONOS is not designed to support this sort of lash up.