Grouping Sonos One and Beam

  • 28 March 2023
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I currently have a Sonos One but we want to by a Sonos Beam for the TV. 

I want both of these speakers to play the same music at the same time using amazon music\Alexa. I also want the beam to be a TV speaker on its own for TV use when needed. 

Is it as simple as just grouping the 2 together in the app? At the moment when I ask an Alexa device (Echo) to play music, the default speaker is the Sonos. With 2 Sonos speakers grouped will this still work in the same way and just play through both beam and Sonos one?



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2 replies

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Yes, you simply group the Beam and One in the Sonos app to play the same music at the same time. While grouped, if you ask Alexa on the Echo to play music, it will be played on both the One and Beam. You can also group speakers together using Sonos Voice Control.

Also be sure to enable TV Autoplay and Ungroup on Autoplay under the Beam’s settings. This will give TV audio priority on the Beam. So if you have the Beam and One grouped and playing music, once you turn the TV on and the Beam detects TV audio, it will automatically ungroup the One and play TV audio out of the Beam only.

Perfect response, thank you