Getting TV into AUDIO System

  • 13 March 2023
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I’ve been running my TV into my B&O amp with no problem for years but when I hooked up my PC to the TV to use as a dedicated Internet Streaming for taking content off YouTube, Rumble, The Chosen, etc I started to get audio stuttering from the PC Content.

The Audio Chain Looks Like This:
PC via HDMI > TV > External DAC via Optical > B&O

and actually I have a Sonos Port running to the same dac via and Inday Toslink Switch for my library and music needs via the same B&O

I suspect the audio stuttering issues are from an incompatibility issue in going from HDMI to the TV and then Optical Coming out.

So here’s the question:  Could I Use a Beam or a Ray to get my TV in to the Sonos Ecosystem and then group it to the Port to get the TV sound back out of my Stereo.  If i were to use a Beam or Ray, the source content would still feed to the TV via HDMI.    Again, the big concern is finding the best way to get rid of the audio drops when watching content off the PC.  I’m not concerned with whether or not the Beam or Ray will fill my room with sound because the B&O does a more than ample job of that.  I just want to get rid of the Audio Stuttering and if I can tie my TV into the Sonos ecosystem, that’s a bonus!
I contacted the mfg of my DAC and they suggested a different DAC that would have better compatibility with the Optical  and I can do that but if my proposed solution above using a beam or ray would do the trick, that would allow me to get the TV into the SONOS system relatively inexpensively.

I’d love feedback

Howard form Vancouver

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3 replies

Anything grouped with a TV source is going to experience a delay due to buffering.

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So i changed my approach.  Just bought a Beam 2 and hooked it up to the TV.  When grouping the Beam to Port, Amp and other zones theres absolutely no buffering or stuttering.  This confirms a couple of things.  The audio problem was in the HDMI feed out of the PC being conberted to Optical out.   It also confirms that on the S2 system the audio syncing is is way better than the S1 set up.

Now the only question i have to answer to myself is wheter i actually need 2 Ports.  I think not. 

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