Front Surround and Rear Surround With sonos Amp

  • 10 July 2023
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I am planning to use arc + 4 ceiling speakers + sub gen 3. 

I want the front two ceiling speakers to create that separation, which is lacking in the sound bar alone (coming from a klipsch floor standing speakers).


Q1. What are the options currently in sonos app, for setting up the 4 ceiling speakers (2 amp is okay) along with arc + sub gen 3? 

Q2. Is 4 ceiling speakers paired with sonos arc a good setup? I learnt that rear ceiling speakers wont give rear atmos effect. 





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2 replies

ARC will support a single AMP that drives the surround speakers. Two SUB’s can be added and these will be front subs. AMP’s Line-In and subwoofer are disabled when AMP is used to drive surrounds.

ARC is the front L-C-R and it is not possible to add additional AMP’s or speakers for the front.

I don’t recommend using front and rear ceiling speakers as the surround channels.

IMO, ceiling speakers are just about acceptable as rear surrounds, but weird as front speakers.  Ceiling speakers are great for visually discreet background music, but poor for just about anything else.

It does depend on room size and shape, and the Arc’s position, but in my set up the Arc’s side-firing speakers give a greater effect of separation than might be expected.