Extending TV sound to another room (multiroom setup)

  • 23 March 2023
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My TV setup is the Arc, a Sub and a couple of Ones for the back channels. Every now and then I wander into my kitchen which is just far enough away that the sound does not carry well. I’d like to add another One to the system that effectively replicates the TV sound (center channel, specifically, as that’s where the dialogue seems to be most of the time). I can create a Group for this, but every time I turn the TV off and back on, the group breaks. Is there a way to create a permanent group for the TV sound? The Arc is the key component here I think, connected to the TV by eHDMI.


Best answer by melvimbe 23 March 2023, 11:38

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2 replies

Go into the Sonos app, settings -> system-> [room name connect to TV]. Scroll down and turn off "Ungroup on Autoplay".


With that setting, your group isn't permanent,  but will only separate when you manually break it.

That’s it, that’s solved it! Thanks @melvimbe!