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  • 19 February 2024
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I have aplaybar and a sub. ive been trying to get them updated for the pass 3 days. I have doe evrything but the playbar cant update.


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Don’t know what you mean when you say “you have done everything” as that statement covers a lot of options and possibilities. No one in the community has admitted to being a mind reader… just yet.😊

You can try wiring the Playbar to your router via Ethernet and try the update.

I’ve wired to the router via Ethernet, I’ve restored it tto factory settings several times. I’ve tried updating with my iPhone 13pro and also with a macBook . And it’s the same problem. 

I don’t know if there is problems with the app itself . Because. On the computer ( settings is highlighted).  And on the phone setting opens can’t l do anything cos it prompts me to do the update first. 

Resetting it to factory settings erases any data that could help Sonos help you. This is why doing factory resets are discouraged, unless instructed by Sonos personnel. As you’ve found out, it rarely helps, and often interferes with figuring out what is wrong.

At this point, since you’ve done that, you need to treat it as though it was right out of the box, and follow that normal setup process, which includes connecting it to your router with an Ethernet cable, and turning off any firewall/VPN//work profiles you have , and using a mobile device for setup. The desktop software does not have any set up features in it, so running anything on your MacBook will be fruitless. 

Were I you, I would certainly stop resetting it, and call Sonos Support directly to discuss it.

When you speak directly to the phone folks, they have tools at their disposal that will allow them to give you advice specific to your network and Sonos system.

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Do as Bruce suggests in his post above. I’d recommend using your phone for the setup; I seem to remember seeing some posts on here where certain settings were needed/recommended when using some Mac/os combinations. Using your phone will remove one set of variables…

I called customer service to help solve this problem . we tried all the steps. finally they told me my playbar1 cant be updated. so i need to get a new.   this is really a down .

Sorry, there is no PLAYBAR 1, there was only a single generation of the PLAYBAR. 

This is the first I’ve heard of a PLAYBAR being unable to update to the latest release, be it S1 or S2. Can you tell us details about what steps Sonos Customer Service suggested? ‘All the steps’ isn’t terribly specific. 

As @nik9669a suggests, setup does need to be done from a mobile device, the MacOS controller has had the setup process removed from it. 

below are the details of the playbar.  I have tried updating it with 3 different iPhones. 10. 12. and 13pro.


I have tried connecting the playbar with a hotpot from one of the phone  to update which that also didn't work.


at this point i don't know what to do.



Associated Product:
Playbar: Bedroom
Serial Number: ******************
Sonos OS: S2
Version: 15.11 (build 76248080)
Hardware Version:
Series ID: A100
IP Address:
Audio In: 
WM: 1


Moderator edit: removed serial number

I’m not a fan of hotspots, there are potential issues since they aren’t ‘standard’. 

Just so you’re aware, the WM:1 in that report means that your PLAYBAR is not wired, but connected to a wireless signal (WiFi). Infrequently, some Sonos devices have difficulty switching between wireless (WM:1) and wired (WM:0), but rebooting the device will ‘fix’ it.

Do you have an internet connection that is cabled to the internet? A DSL line, fiber, cable, or other ‘standard’, non hotspot connection? If so, wire your PLAYBAR to the router that is receiving your internet connection from this non hotspot device. Make sure you’re not running any port blocking software, or a VPN. With your PLAYBAR wired directly to your router, you should be able to update.

I can’t stress how much you should be getting away from a ‘hotspot’ connection. It is most likely why you’re having so much difficulty. And if you don’t have anything other than a hotspot, I’d recommend taking your PLAYBAR to somewhere else, where you can wire it to a normal router to update it.

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I called customer service to help solve this problem . we tried all the steps. finally they told me my playbar1 cant be updated. so i need to get a new.   this is really a down .

Did they say why it can’t be updated? Unless there’s been some hardware failure it seems rather unlikely. 

When you do try updating again, make sure you do it when Ethernet-wired to your router - it eliminates the possibility of wifi interruptions being the cause.

At what stage does the update fail? What error message do you get?

Has your Sub updated? Try powering down any other Sonos devices whilst you try to get the Playbar sorted. 

i have tried with the Ethernet direct as well and it didn't work.


the update fails at the final part with the Error code 32.


Yes the sub is updating.