ERA 300 wall mounted above head and angled into MLP or ear level

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I plan to wall mount the ERA 300 in normal orientation on my living room back wall. The MLP is about 90cm in front of that wall and the speakers would be located about 164cm on each side of the MLP

I have come up with two height positions from the floor up based on my seated ear level being 95cm.

  • 127cm - Angled towards MLP 15 degrees left/right & bottom
  • 79cm - Complying with Atmos guidelines 1.25x max height in relation to Arc height

I know I would probably need to experiment with these arrangements myself and choose which sounds better to my ears but I wanted to ask fellow community members how was their experience experimenting with the height placements of the ERA 300 - do you get better sound higher and angled in or around ear level? Now, would your positioning change if the centre tweeter be enabled in the future?

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Full disclosure, I do not have wall mounted Era 300 speakers used as surrounds. Therefore, my suggestions are based upon cumulative knowledge acquired via research. However, as far as how they will sound is purely personal based upon what sounds good to your ears. On that I believe the majority of community members would agree.

I assume the picture you provided is a “virtual” representation of your space. Therefore based upon the virtualization...In “seated” orientation the only change I would make is to move the Right Era 300 away from the wall as shown. The Era’s need room on all sides to properly reflect sound waves to achieve the best surround affect (especially for spacial audio music and Dolby Atmos movie content).

127cm is a good height above floor level. You could even go as high as 152cm up to 182cm with a downward angle (or somewhere in between, but no more than 182cm) if desired.

I also suggest you read the information in this link for proper mounting of the Era 300.



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Thank you for the input - I have not actually purchased the Era300. Was contemplating due to my asymmetrical room layout and the space you see here only being around 375sqm. Was having reservations maybe I should just stick with the OneSLs until maybe if Sonos comes up with a Era 200 that is basically a Era 100 + top firing. Thoughts?

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Sonos doesn’t announce product development/design until a month or couple of weeks before release. Therefore your wait for an Era 200 may or may not materialize.

If I had to guess I wouldn’t bet on an Era 200 model. If anything I’d say Sonos would release an Era 500 as a larger speaker. I say Era 500 because Sonos naming convention seems to favor odd leading numbers.

IMO a speaker that upgrades from an Era 100 and downgrades from an Era 300 would cannibalize sales for either the Era 100 or Era 300 or both to a degree. I would think Sonos would want to get a substantial ROI for the Era 300/100 series before interjecting a middle of the road speaker.

All said…if you want to get full Dolby Atmos (7.1.4) you’ll have to opt for the Era 300. 🙂