era 300 volume level for music listening

  • 26 April 2024
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hey everyone. i got myself a refurbished era 300. it came with a good discount and considering the 100 days return policy, i wanted to give it a shot. 

i love it overall! i was just curious about one thing. I only have 1 unit (not stereo) and i think music gets loud and room filling after 50 percent more like 65-70 range. is that normal? i guess the only reason i ask this silly question is my home theatre setup which is beam gen2, sub mini and 2x era100’s get very very loud. it’s probably a output total watt kind of thing but i wanted to check.




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1 reply

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It was a Spotify thing to be honest. Sonos radio or other things were pretty strong on volume front. 
in Spotify settings i made volume loud and it was similarly loud as sonos radio.