Era 300 sound profile change after mounting on stands

  • 12 April 2023
  • 2 replies

I got a pair of era 300s a couple of weeks ago and placed them on top of 2 different furnitures that were at different heights and distance from the optimal listening point. After trueplay tuning the speakers sounded as if they were at the same distance and the overall atmos effect was very apparent and magical. However, the stands that had been in backorder finally showed up yesterday. After mounting and retuning trueplay, the sound completely changed. The height channels are now vey thin and have lost power. The surrounds are more apparent and almost distracting. To be fair, I have placed the stands right behind the couch as advertised in the sonos site pictures. I’m wondering if the speakers can detect the stands the same way the Arc detects the wall mount and change it’s profile to compensate. Anyone else having this experience with similar setup?


BTW, here’s what I have: Arc, Sub gen3 and 2x era 300 (On stands now)

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2 replies

Sometimes trueplay tuning doesn’t produce the best sound, and running the process again can produce a better result.  

Thank you for replying.

I thought that was the case too and ran the process again and still, same results :(

Maybe there will be an update that fixes this or maybe I will be returning the stands lol