dolby atmos v dd plus

  • 7 April 2024
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Hi I’ve got a Panasonic oled fz802 with arc hdmi port , I’m streaming Netflix and prime through 4k firestick through my beam 2 era rears and sub mini , sound is great and showing 5.1 dd plus , should I be bothered about not getting full atmos showing on the Sonos app with atmos movies ? I can get atmos when streaming Apple Music not sure what difference I would hear with a upgraded tv or a Arcadia fire etc 


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To get full Atmos support your tv needs a hdmi eARC input. There are some tv models with just ARC iputs you can get Atmos sound from, if it comes from a streaming service as they mostly use compressed Atmos with a DD+ Signal. 
But… to do so the tv has to be able to handle Atmos as signal format. Seems your tv doesn’t. 
The difference between DD5.1 and Dolby Atmos imo is a big one, if the movie has got a great audio mix.