Does Sonos beam support channel 13 on 2.4GHz?

  • 31 August 2020
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Hi team


Ever since I changed my 2.4Ghz radio to channel 13 (Yes it is legal in where I live) across all my APs. The Sonos Beam has been unable to associate to to the SSID and de-registered itself from the app…After a factory reset the beam still can’t see the SSID at all during the setup process.


As soon as I changed the channel to channel 6. It started working again.


My question is - does the Beam support channel 13? If not, Why it doesn’t and is it on the roadmap? Does Sonos radios aware of wireless regulatory domains and will auto geo-comply?


Btw channel 13 is a vast more cleaner channel to use.


Bonus question - is it normal for the product to deregister itself after offline for a while? This is bad design? Setting it up all over again is not cool.

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4 replies

Hi. I am not sure what 'de-register from the app' means. But a factory reset and re-setup should never be necessary except on a change of owner

Btw channel 13 is a vast more cleaner channel to use.

Usually this is only by incorrectly considering each 5MHz-spaced channel in isolation.

For WiFi the channels are (typically) 20MHz wide, i.e. they span across 4-5 channel numbers. Channel 13 is therefore heavily overlapped by channel 11, causing interference in both.

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I asked this question a few years ago, and never got to the bottom of it. I was able to find a work around, but I now need to be able to use channel 13 on my Sonos installation. 

In Europe, it is possible to get an extra non-overlapping channel by using channels 1, 5, 9, 13 instead of the 1, 6, 11 normally recommended (1, 6, 11 is the usual advice, but only really applies to the US, where only the first 11 channels are available).

There is normally a region setting on Wifi setup that enables the additional channels - but I can’t find it for Sonos.  How do I enable channel 13?




You can’t. The only options for SonosNet are 1/6/11. 

Notwithstanding your enthusiasm for a 1/5/9/13 pattern, conventional wisdom is always to use 1/6/11. Even those are not truly ‘non-overlapping’ as there’s still residual energy outside the 20MHz nominal bandwidth. Indeed placing a device on say ch 1 right next to another on ch 6 is often asking for trouble.