Does Arc SL support TruePlay? Why do the One SL and Five User Guides suggest no TruePlay?


There’s a lot of inconsistency in the support pages and documentation around Trueplay.


Trueplay-compatible devices and Sonos products says: “Trueplay tuning is supported by all Sonos products except Port, Connect, and Roam SL.” So, that implies even mic-less products like One SL, Arc SL, and Five have Trueplay. Seems straightforward.


One User Guide: “When the microphone light is off...Microphone-dependent features like Trueplay are unavailable.” This implies that a mic-less model like One SL can’t do it. There is a Trueplay section in this guide.

One SL User Guide: No Trueplay section, as found in the One User Guide, implying One SL doesn’t have Trueplay. Trueplay is mentioned in the product settings section, but that section is also somewhat generic, including settings only relevant to other products, like Battery Saver and Line In.

Five User Guide: No mention of Trueplay at all. (Though the old Play:5 (Gen 1) User Guide covers it!)

Arc User Guide overview section: “Effortless setup with just two cables and smart Trueplay™ tuning.”

Arc SL User Guide overview section specifically excludes mention of Trueplay: “Effortless setup with just two cables.” But it does have a Trueplay section, like the One.


So, does anyone know? Does Arc SL support TruePlay? My guess is yes -- after all, the One SL supports it -- but the disparity of the Overview section of the Arc and Arc SL user guides raises some doubt.


And, what’s the deal with the User Guides? Can they not be reliably referred to as a reference for their actual product’s features?


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Yes, the Arc SL supports Trueplay. Try not to overthink it.


Ha. Thanks!

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Trueplay depends on your phone’s mic, not on the device’s (except for the Roam).