Device not showing in System on app - Sonos Arc

  • 13 December 2021
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I had to reboot my internet router and now my Arc is having issues. I always have problems with this thing and no other devices.

So, I have a room set up with the Arc, subwoofer and two rears. I have rebooted the arc… reset it and still have this problem. It was a pain to re-connect the rears and it took several attempts. 

I set up the system and the arc comes and goes. It’s there sometimes, then disappears and the other devices are in the room but the arc is missing (shows the question mark).

It’s not my internet. I have no issues with any Sonos devices in my house. I have two other speakers in another room. The arc is literally 2 feet away from one of mesh points. 

Has anyone encountered this? It’s totally frustrating. 

System worked great until I had to reboot my router. 

1 reply

I don’t recommend Factory Reset without further consult. Factory reset rarely fixes fundamental issues.

Why did you need to reboot the router?

If you have not, reserve IP addresses for all of the regular devices on your network. Unless you’ve reserved IP addresses, rebooting the router might result in issues similar to your description. If you need to reboot or replace the router it is best if you shut down everything on the network, then reboot the router. After the router has restarted, then you can restart the network, starting with the wired clients, then the mesh points, then the wireless clients. This can be a frustrating issue because you could get lucky 100 times in a row, then the phantom strikes after 101--- leading to the incorrect conclusion that something broke.

 You should also experiment with moving the mesh point farther from ARC.