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  • 12 June 2022
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After hours of trying to get a stupid Beam soundbar working through surround speakers, i’ve given up. Over an hour with a Sonos tech and no one knows wtf they’re doing. meanwhile, i just hook in an appleTV and the speakers all sound fine. 

Sonos has the best sound when it works, but it never works for long. I’m constantly dealing with connection issues and this last one wasted several hours of one of the few days off i have.

I’m returning this POS beam soundbar. i wish i could return my entire sonos system. the engineers at sonos are terrible and things never seem to get better. 

funny thing, i had this all set up just the night before and today it was all f’d up and sonos customer service had no idea after over an hour. 

Waste of time. i wouldn’t advise anyone get Sonos. i doubt Bose or any other system has the constant connection issues that Sonos can never seem to truly fix.


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1 reply

Sounds like you ‘may’ have one of those rare routers that do not allow the master HT product to proxy the IP addresses of the surrounds. Try putting the setup over to SonosNet instead, but do not wire a surround when making that switch… See this support document: