connecting Sonos 5 to existing Sonos Arc setup

  • 10 April 2023
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I recently installed have a Sonos Arc and Sub setup with two one SL surrounds. Is it possible to connect one Sonos play 5 to the system. Will the app allow it to be paired with the arc. If so possible how can it be done? 

I recently went to a friends place and he had two sonos sub and two fives as surrounds which gave awesome sound for music. I was hoping to add one 5 to the setup as I cant return my one SL now and so that I could get more sound especially for music.  


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4 replies

In order to add surround speakers, it requires two of the same speakers. You can not add just one. 

In your system, you already have the maximum number of surrounds, the two Ones.

You could add a single Five as another room, but it would not act as a surround speaker, and any input from the TV set would be delayed by at least 75ms. When streaming music, both rooms would play in sync. 


Thank you for the reply. So suppose I keep the play 5 physically in the same room add it in app as a separate room. Only for purely playing music say from spotify or youtube music from my iphone will the sound be in sync with the rest or will there be a 75ms lag as you mentioned. I do not plan to use it for TV or home theatre purposes.

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The lag is there only for TV sound.

I just bought the new sonos arc ... ive had the sound bar and 2 x sonos play 5s gen 1 plus the sub  ...  omg the sound is outstanding .. I was going to replace my 5s with the new era 300 it worth doing ....