Connecting Sky Glass to Playbar

  • 4 January 2024
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Hi all.

I was hoping to be able to connect my Playbar and surrounds to my Sky Glass.  I have the extractor which has an optical signal but this isn’t being picked up by the playbar.

Any help or advice would be very welcome.

Many thanks


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3 replies

What kind of signal is your Skyglass sending via the optical cable? The best that the PLAYBAR can receive/process is Dolby Digital. If your Skyglass device is attempting to send something else, like Dolby Digital Plus, or Atmos, it won’t get through the optical cable, and the Sonos won’t receive it. I’m also assuming there’s some sort of switch in the software of this Skyglass device that has been turned on to allow the optical output to be active. Some devices require that. 

As a note, however….generally the optical cable runs from the TV set to the PLAYBAR, not from any other source device. You still have to restrict what sort of signal is being sent to the TV, so that the TV can send the appropriate signal to the PLAYBAR.

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Hi @Dahumph 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

Please note that as Sky Glass does not have an optical output, it is not ideally suited for use with the Sonos Playbar.

It sounds like you have fitted an audio extractor to the HDMI cable of an input device - please note that even if you get this working, you will not be able to get audio originating from the TV (like Sky channels) through the Playbar.

If, however, you have fitted the extractor to the TV in the hope of getting HDMI-ARC audio outputted from the TV to go the optical connection, this is unlikely to ever work as the extractor would not typically be looking for audio on the HDMI-ARC wires on the HDMI cable.

I think what you really need is a soundbar that supports HDMI-ARC, like Beam (Gen2) or Arc (or a TV that outputs to optical).

I hope this helps.