Connecting Playbar to older TV

  • 3 January 2021
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I have a 2013 Magnavox television (Model 46ME313V/F7) and would like to connect a Sonos Playbar to it.  We moved into a new home w/ 2 of these Playbars months ago and have only used them for streaming music so far.  On the side of the tv are ports for HDMI, USB, and headphones, and this is a photo of the back of the tv.  I assume that I would need to somehow connect the Playbar to the Digital Audio Output.  Can someone tell me how to work this out?  What cables/ adapters I will need?  Thanks!




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3 replies

You’d need some sort of digital coax to optical adapter. I’d start by searching on Amazon to see what’s there, and then look at a local electronics store, once I was more familiar as to what might be available...or just buy from Amazon. You do need to be sure that the TV will pass a Dolby Digital signal out through that digital coax port. Should be somewhere in the manual for the TV. 

Thanks. I did look in the tv manual and it will pass the Dolby Digital signal our of that port.  So… found this and it seems as though it should work.  I will need a cable from the adapter to the audio jack in the tv, bur… could it have been this easy?

What do you think?  After delaying this process for months because I really had no idea what to do, will this work?

I’d think so.